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Changes taking place in February 2024

OBGYN of Westlake will be transitioning to Southwest General Medical Group.  Dr. Bachuwa will continue to care for her current patients and will be seeing new patients as well.  Her office location will not change.  She will be seeing patients for both Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She will deliver babies at Southwest General Health Center in Middleburg Heights.  In addition, all surgeries will take place at Southwest General including the hospital's surgical center. 


  • When will these changes take place?

    • These changes will officially take place on 2/5/2024.

  • Will I still be Tier 1 status if I have a UH insurance plan?

    • Patients with UH insurance will continue to be Tier 1 status.  

  • Will Dr. Bachuwa deliver at any other hospital? 

    • All deliveries will take place at Southwest General Heath Center.

  • What level NICU does SW have?

    • Level 2 Nursery​

  • What do I do with the statement I received from OBGYN of Westlake?

    • Please make payment as stated on the statement.  OBGYN of Westlake's billing company will continue to manage payments.   Payments can be made online, over the phone, or in office.  ​

  • Will the Med Spa still be available?  

    • Yes, Dr. Bachuwa will continue to offer services through the Med Spa.​

  • What if I have an appointment scheduled for this year?

    • We will transfer the Obgyn of Westlake schedule to the SW schedule. We will call you if there is a schedule conflict. You will still receive a reminder text.

Further information will be provided after 2/4/2024.



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Obstetrics and Gynecology

Let's face it. Going to the gynecologist may not be an experience most women look forward to, but an important part of any woman's health. In fact, it can be a very positive and educational interaction. Our doctors are warm and patient-oriented. They gently guide women through pregnancies and gynecological checkups with a listening ear and acute medical skill. Working with our doctors means consistency, peace of mind and most of all, optimum health.

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