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Testimonials for Dr. Bachuwa

“Through all of the heartburn, toothaches, and sleepless nights, we couldn’t be more ecstatic to finally have her in our arms. Our little family has discovered perfection all thanks to our impeccable doctor…words cannot begin to describe our gratitude for you! We love Dr. Bachuwa!”

“I have so appreciated your expertise, knowledge and helpfulness both during my pregnancy and during the process of the delivery. Thank you for your genuine care for your patients and your passion for what you do.”

“Dr. Bachuwa, I wanted to thank you so much for the care you have given to me over the past 5 months. It has been a rough road and from the day my husband and I first met, you have been so sympathetic and sensitive to our pain and our needs. I never have felt like just another patient but rather, I’ve felt like a person whom you have cared about enough to take time to really give me the proper care. Thank you for being patient and answering all of our questions, but mostly for being so compassionate during a difficult time. Our hearts are still healing but we know God is gracious and that our babies are in Heaven with Him. It gives us hope and comfort to know we will see them again someday! Thank you again for everything. We hope to see you again soon for a healthy, successful pregnancy.”

“My experience with Dr. Bachuwa has been a blessing. She not only makes me feel like a lucky patient to have her as a doctor but also as a ‘person’ that she truly cares about. It’s wonderful to find a doctor that is sensitive to what you are going through and willing to go out of her way to take care of your personal needs. She has a way about her that makes you feel like a friend not just another patient coming through. Upon meeting Dr. Bachuwa I was in a lot of pain but her presence alone made me feel at ease and I knew I was in good hands. She was very informative and that, to me, is very important. I owe Dr. Bachuwa my life…I’m so thankful for her. I know that it is her job to be a doctor but to me she goes above and beyond that. To me, she is the best kind of Dr., one that does a great job at her work and one that also feels like a true friend thats looking out for whats best for you. Dr. Bachuwa was a godsend to the EMH Woman’s Healthcare…She has given me a second chance at life and with my family…I almost left 2 small children behind and she was there to bring me back. I thank God for sending her my way. I would recommend Dr. Bachuwa to ANYONE! :)”

Newborn Baby Foot

“Thank you so much for your care and kindness during my first pregnancy. It takes a lot of character to work with hormonal women all day! Your straight forward approach made me feel more relaxed. I will always appreciate the care you gave us. Thank you for all you do! ”

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